Thursday, 13 December 2018

The Feeling

Give me your words or your silence
Give me your hand or a little distance
Give me mellow or raspy
or don’t give nothing at all

Give me your time to age with you
or give me your arms to die in…
Stay in the gamut of my eyes to see you
or keep that hope burning, you’ll be with me!

Don’t give nothing to me
You won’t give anything to me
You may not have a chunk to reminisce
You have flown far-off
I have run chock-full
Across you, Towards you and Against you!

I don’t remember how exactly we lived together
I don’t remember how exactly we shared our time
I don’t remember how exactly we fought
I don’t remember how exactly the time passed with you
And also without you…

But one thing, which is integral is “The Feeling” of being with you.
The Feeling  which belongs to you
The Feeling  which belongs to you and me
The Feeling which belongs to us
That feeling which binds us,
has been always constant in me…
And I enshrine it as it is…
And that’s something and the only thing
Which never has absconded me…
My reflexes work just the same
When I was with you
And now, when I only feel you…

And that’s how I’m always complete with you…
But, Only with you!

Friday, 24 November 2017


From all the hash and the frailness
She felt the deepest gash in her bones
Being ceded was not a facile submission
But She tried and gushed out every inch of that worm
From her body and the soul
Instead of scorning and squabbling
She pared the abrasion
With the compassion
The way Enkindled her
She became a firestone
She always dreamt of having wings to fly up in the air
But now she knows, it’s not the wings which makes you soar
It’s the dimension in which you live by
It’s not the things, not the people, who make you rich and strong
It’s that eccentric force which keep you rock
She loves the place she lives in now
She has no rues and no gripes
She has supernal joy which she pined
It’s an awakening and not a revive!

Friday, 27 January 2017

Where do I Belong

Something had been missing from the start
I kept searching it between the gaps of us
I was obsessed with the idea of love
To love, being loved.
That I forgot to ask
What do I want.
Who am I…
Where do I belong.
All this time
I have been lost
And this is the rust
On the treasure I may hold
So, A hello from me to myself
 I hope we meet someday
And to this journey of finding myself
I say cheers to be alone
So that I know
Where to stick
And from where to move on

And life however goes on...

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Darkest Phase

So the darkest phase had come,
They were standing facing each other,
The final words were about to come ...
She thought to initiate,
But he Hugged her tight,
And took a U- turn.
Their story ended the same way it started,
Her words left unheard from the start till the end...

She still kept thinking,
What went wrong,
It was her decision,
So she couldn't question anyone...
Was he the one,
And needed to be pore over,
Or she fell for the wrong one...
And now she must move on.

But what is the gist,
How much she thinks,
How much she builds...
When she knows,
He won't listen,
He would go,
The way he wants,
The way he grows...

She must recreate herself,
And shut her mouth,
Shut her ears,
Nobody is there to listen,
She is tired talking to herself ...
She wants a vacuum,
Where no air can bring his smell,
To make her weak on her knees.

She has requested,
She has pleaded,
She has yelled,
She has begged,
She has lost her self esteem.
She is broken,
She is rotten,
All she needs now is a rescue.
To live in peace,
Away from grief,
To smile from heart,
To smile from liver.

She deserves to be happy she finally felt,
She can make it better,
She finally said.
She will not forget, she knows.
But she will fade its impact,
She promised to herself.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Souls Still Talk...

We are too far away
Miles away
Poles apart
But souls still talk

My night doesn't end
Without the thought
You miss my smell
And I kiss you all

How things end
When the souls are one
They feed each other
We are no one
No one to decide
No one to ride
Ride away from the right
Right is not what we see
Right is not what we say
What we say are only words
Words don't matter
When souls are one
And souls still talk...